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Books by Lance Woolaver

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The Heart on the Door

Maud Lewis THE HEART ON THE DOOR is the first full-length biography of Maud Lewis (1901-1970), the famous Nova Scotia folk artist.

Christmas With the Rural Mail

A gentle poem describing the journey of a mail sleigh through rural Nova Scotia at Christmastime, delivering packages and parcels to children, Christmas with the Rural Mail is a holiday classic.

From Ben Loman to the Sea

This is one of two unique books that delight both children and adults, combining the work of folk artist Maud Lewis with the poetry of Lance Woolaver.

The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis

The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis is an invitation to share once again with the world the perceptions of this celebrated Nova Scotia folk artist in prose, photographs, and reproductions of her works.

Brindley Town

When Bobby Langford arrives in Digby, Nova Scotia, looking for work as a cook on a fishing boat, he finds himself renting a room from Walter Letteney, a nervous eccentric and ne'er-do-well who occupies an old warehouse on the waterfront

The Outlaw League

Twelve-year-old Nicolas employs all his wiles and determination to reclaim the town baseball field that the mayor wants to convert into a dump.  This book is out of print and may be purchased through Schooner Books of Halifax and Doull's Bookstore in downtown Dartmouth.